1. What is beoble?

In short, beoble is the Whatsapp for Web3. Our chat app allows crypto wallet owners to message each other, and our integration toolkit allows Dapps to add a great communication experience to their products fast.

2. What is beoble labs?

beoble labs is a team of talented web3 people that contributes to beoble. beoble labs team consists of ex-employees of prominent companies like Citadel, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, and Meta. Our only ambition is to "make people chat in web3".

3. Which blockchain can I use to log in to beoble?

beoble is currently supporting all EVM (e.g., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, etc.), and we have plans to expand to other blockchains like Solana, Cosmos, Flow, Aptos, and Sui in the coming future.


4. Does beoble aim to build a fully decentralized messaging ecosystem?

Yes, we are building a decentralized, end-to-end-encrypted, and peer-to-peer messaging ecosystem with the greatest user experience for web3 users by leveraging web3 data. Further details can be found in the Architecture section.

5. Where will my data be stored?

We use both decentralized storage (e.g. IPFS, Arweave, etc.) and your local device. No messaging data will be stored on-chain due to security risks.

6. How does the network actually work?

We deliver messages via "Communication Delivery Graph", which is a decentralized encryption network designed to protect the privacy of our users. More details are in the Communication Delivery Graph (CDG) section.

7. Will I be able to run my own beoble node?

Yes, our nodes are planned to become public; thus, we are conducting loads of safety testing and going through multiple rounds of audits.


8. How does end-to-end encryption (E2EE) work in beoble?

End-to-end encryption is pretty straightforward in Web3, given everyone owns a wallet. beoble leverages ECIES (Ethereum-based encryption) to encrypt every message that is being delivered so that only the recipient of the DM or member of a group chatroom will be able to decrypt the contents using the wallet.

9. How does token-gated / transaction-gated privacy setting work?

As there are too many scammers in Web3, beoble provides certain ways to prevent them, and one of them being the token-gated / transaction-gated privacy setting. Users can limit who can DM them or invite them to chatrooms so that they can set it in a way that "only someone with at least 0.5 ETH in their wallet and 20 transactions can send me DMs." You can figure out further details in the Feature Highlight: Chat section.

User Experience & Features

10. Can I send images / videos / attachments through beoble?

Absolutely, beoble supports any files, emojis, stickers, and NFT stickers sent over a chatroom.

11. Can I create a group chat in beoble? Are there any limits?

Yes, of course, you can create a group chat, but without having any limits! Create as many group chats as you want with as many people as you would like to chat with.

12. Are the messages real-time?

Yes, all messages are in real-time, and it's pretty damn fast!

13. How does token-gated / transaction-gated group chat work?

As so many things are about access control in Web3, beoble provides easy methods to do so via our token-gated / transaction-gated chatrooms. Users can gate chantrooms based on tokens, NFTs, transactions, POAPs, etc. They could also combine multiple assets to create a more complicated rule too. You can figure out further details in the Feature Highlight: Chat section.

User Ownership & Earn & Rewards

14. What are cat points?

Cat points indicate your level of engagement as a beoble user. We use the points to determine a user's eligibility for future rewards such as token airdrops.

15. How do I collect cat points?

Bottom line is: Be active on beoble! Almost everything you can do on beoble will accumulate to points. Think chatting, logging in, sending reactions...etc. Some actions like referral gives you extra points, so just make sure to check the pointing guide in our app.

Another way of collecting point is to become the shareholder of earning chatrooms, which allows you to earn points via contributing to the group chat.

Besides your activity, other users can send you a super reaction, which is a gift of cat points to you.

More details can be found in the Feature Highlight: Earn section.

16. How do I use the cat points?

Earning points can bring various benefits within the beoble app, such as future airdrops or access to premium features. More detailed information will be disclosed in the near future, and we are excited to share news about that soon :D

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