Feature Highlight: Follow


Follow in beoble serves multiple purposes. One of the purposes is to add other users to your contact list. Once you follow someone, your followings will always appear on the top when you search for users when adding to groups or trying to DM. Also, once you follow, we will use such data to provide you with better user recommendations and chatroom recommendations by applying to our algorithm.

Another major usage for follow action is to track their wallet. Once you follow someone, you will be automatically added to the peer followers' room, where beoble post the transaction updates of the person you are following. In short, if you follow someone called A, you will be invited to a chatroom where beoble sends transaction alerts whenever A has a wallet activity, and peer followers in that chatroom can discuss the wallet activity.

Such a feature is pretty unique in the sense that you can not only track a wallet but also discuss it with other fellow trackers. Traditionally, there are loads of wallet tracking tools, but you will be able to gain much more meaningful information and analysis once you start discussing with other people.

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