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What is beoble?


"Messanger of the web3 people, by the web3 people, for the web3 people" - beoble

beoble is a communication infrastructure and ecosystem that allows users to chat between wallets. Our product includes a web-based chat app, as well as a toolkit that allows Dapps to integrate. Our chat app supports most major wallets and all messages are end-to-end encrypted.

beoble as an ecosystem / platform

beoble provides a high-quality Web 3.0 messaging experience to end users. So far, in the Web 3.0 industry, there have been several attempts to provide a messaging feature for users, while most of them failed to continuously retain users, due to a lack of quality, compared to those in Web 2.0. Thus, beoble aims to provide a Web 3.0 messaging experience to all Web 3.0 users with below objectives:

  • No compromise on privacy and security.

  • No compromise on user experience compared to those of Web 2.0.

  • Appropriately reward users as a user-owned Web 3.0 product.

  • Leverage Web 3.0 data as much as possible to provide a unique Web 3.0 messaging experience

Check out beoble's features in the Features section.


beoble as an infrastructure

beoble provides messaging & social modules with APIs and SDKs for Web 3.0. With beoble, Web 3.0 services can easily integrate messaging and social profile functionalities into their services in 5 minutes.

beoble's core features as an infrastructure include:

  • modularized wallet-to-wallet messaging

  • modularized social profile and DID

  • modularized CS tool (web3 Zendesk / Intercom)

beoble offers seamless integration with any native dApps with our API/SDK modules with the following benefits:

  • effortless UI integration with our API/SDK modules with native social features and improved user experience

  • adds in-app organic engagement to native dApps, which improves user retention & user acquisition

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