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Web3 people have been relying too much on Web2 tools so far when it comes to chatting and messaging. Essentially, beoble's core value is to allow anyone free to chat in Web3 space in a Web3 way.

beoble is a purely Web3 native messenger - you don't need kinds of stuff like Twitter login or Discord login; you just need a wallet. Once you are signed in using your wallet, you can immediately start enjoying our chat features.

Basic Features

  • ✅ Simple Login using Wallets

  • ✅ Send Text, Images, Video, Link, and Files

  • ✅ Send Emoji, NFT Stickers, Normal Stickers, and Import Stickers from Telegram

  • ✅ Create Encrypted DMs, Encrypted Groupchats, Public Groupchats, Channels, and Topic (Hashtag) Chatrooms

  • ✅ React and Reply to Messages.

  • ✅ Update Chatroom Settings, Mute Notifications, etc.

Token Gated Chatrooms

So many things are about access control in Web3, and we make it super easy via our token-gated / transaction-gated chatrooms. Below are some examples of what you can do in beoble.

  • Only Pudgy Penguin NFT holders can join.

  • Only Pudgy Penguin NFT holders or Lil Pudgy NFT holders can join.

  • Only wallets with at least 0.5 ETH can join.

  • Only wallets with at least 10 UNI tokens can join.

  • Only wallets with at least 50 transactions can join.

  • Any mixture of the above.

It is a super simple click to gate the chatrooms, and you can create complicated rules using "OR" or "AND" between rules.

Spam Filtering by On-chain Data

The awesome part is that you can use the token/transaction rules to filter spammers or scammers from DM-ing you or inviting you to weird group chats. Methods are exactly the same, so you can potentially set it in a way that "only someone with at least 0.5 ETH in their wallet and 20 transactions can send me DMs."

Isn't it cool?

Contribute and Earn from Chatrooms

This will be explained in the Feature Highlight: Earn section.

Feature Highlight: Earn

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