Cross-Chain Data Connectivity

beoble provides so many exciting features using your Web 3.0 data, like token-gated privacy settings, token-gated group chats, NFT community group chats, and using your NFTs in various places like profile images or stickers.

This session briefly describes how beoble does it - how does beoble look up and maintain Web 3.0 data from cross-chain?

beoble's web 3.0 data connectivity on Communication Delivery Graph (CDG)

As mentioned, beoble leverages existing layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, etc., to provide Web 3.0 user experiences like token gates, NFT gates, NFT profiles, and stickers. Who maintains these controls are the beoble's CDG - the main graph used for delivering chats and information. Thus, it is inevitable that CDG must look up existing layer-1 blockchains to maintain these controls. Thus, the beoble team enabled microservice indexing for CDG nodes. These nodes will index every known beoble user (it doesn't index non-user) so that indexed information can be leveraged to maintain Web 3.0 user experience control.

Below is the list of supported and potentially supported layer-1 blockchains for beoble:

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Avalanche

  • Solana

  • Aptos

  • Sui

However, beoble is pretty flexible that whenever there might be a need to add a supported blockchain, it will be added.

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