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Cat points indicate your level of engagement as a beoble user. We use the points to determine a user's eligibility for future rewards such as token airdrops. Earning points can bring various benefits within the beoble app, such as future airdrops or access to premium features. Thus, points are precious, as it is the only source of your $CAT airdrops! More information will be disclosed in the near future, and we are excited to share news about that soon :D

How to earn points?

The baseline of the overall earning feature is simple: use the app and be an active and contributing user! There will be more and more earning sources in the future, but at the current moment, we can summarize the earning sources as below:

  • Earn from Chatroom Contribution

  • Earn from Super React (Donation) on Your Chats

  • Earn from Completing Daily and Weekly Tasks

  • Earn from Bonus Rewards

    • Successful Referrals, Sent Chats, Created Groupchats, Joined Groupchats, Growth of Referees, etc.

  • Earn from Games - Wordle3

You can always check out your current progress and rewards in the Reward Center tab inside the app.

Earn from Chatroom Contribution and Super React

The core idea of chatroom earning in beoble is that as you contribute more to the chatroom, you will get more rewards generated from that chatroom. Whatever revenue the chatroom generates is split by each member's contribution, which we call the "chatroom share". Thus, if your chatroom share is highest, it directly means that you contributed the most to that specific chatroom.

Currently, chatroom share is computed mostly based on:

  • Super reacts received

  • Super reacts sent

  • Normal reacts received

  • Other engagements

There are various sources of chatroom revenue, including the chatroom entrance fee. If the settings are turned on, any new users are required to pay an entrance fee to join that chatroom, which is scaled exponentially. As mentioned, those entrance fees are then split by chatroom share and granted to each member of the chatroom.

React and Super React

People show respect to other users normally via react (e.g., like, thumbs up, etc.) and that's possible in beoble too. React in beoble actually plays more of a role than just showing respect because reacting is one of the major factors in measuring a member's contribution to that chatroom, which is reflected in chatroom share. In short, the more my chats can react, the more my contribution and chatroom share increase.

Super react is even more special in that it consumes your points to be donated to the chat creator. Furthermore, users who receive super react will receive an even bigger increment in chatroom share than a normal react, while the sender of the super react also benefits from an increment in chatroom share (normal react doesn't provide any contribution benefit).

To summarize,

  • If A reacts to B's chat:

    • B's contribution increases, thus increasing the chatroom share.

  • If A super reacts to B's chat:

    • A's point is consumed by a certain amount

    • B's point to be claimed is increased by the consumed amount of A (donated from A to B)

    • A's contribution increases, thus increasing the chatroom share. (based on donation amount)

    • B's contribution largely increases, thus increasing the chatroom share by a large amount. (based on donation amount)

Earn from Tasks and Activities

Earning from tasks and activities is pretty simple - use the app. Most of your actions inside the app matter and will lead you to potential rewards.

You can either complete a task to gain task rewards or passively earn bonus rewards.

  • Task Rewards

    • Daily Tasks

    • Weekly Tasks

    • Secret Tasks

  • Bonus Rewards

    • Sending chats

    • Engaging with the community

    • Referring other users

All progress is visible inside the Reward Center tab.


Look for the Wordle3 official chatroom in the Discover tab or through search and join!

Every time you win a game, you will be rewarded a certain amount of points.

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